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MODERN Homeschooling Course

How to Co-Create Meaningful Learning with Your Child, So They Love Learning — and Acquire All the Skills They Need to Be a Successful Adult

Homeschooling can be a nightmare.

You question formal schooling & curriculum.   

You’re isolated and alone at home.

So many learning opportunities are filled with tears, whining, and pleading.  

Your child seems to hate learning.  

You are thinking of homeschooling.

Your child is NOT motivated.

You fear your child will not become successful through homeschooling.

Lacking friendship opportunities.

Worst of all, you’re replicating everything you and your child hate about school.

Let me ask, does any of this sound like you?

  1. You worry that you're 'doing it wrong' and that, as a result, your child won't get into college, won't have good social skills, or will be disadvantaged in life as an adult

  2. You homeschool because you know 'one size fits all' isn't the best way for children to learn, but you feel frustrated that so much homeschooling material is essentially fill-in-the-blank worksheets and rote learning. You desperately want your child to love learning, but every day is a struggle to get any work completed. It feels like pulling teeth.

If any of this resonates with you, then you may be experiencing one of these three common problems:

  1. You’re laboring under what we call the “tyranny of school.” Somehow, the power of school is so strong that it reaches into the home! Despite our best efforts to escape it, the programming of mainstream school has many parents replicating the exact conditions that caused them to keep their children out of school in the first place.

  2. You believe you have to be an expert in every subject and skill, somehow becoming a French, math, science, language arts, and PE teacher all in one! The truth is that with the right combination of enrichment activities and learning experiences, your child can learn from the experts — and you don’t have to be an expert in everything.

  3. You haven’t co-created learning with your child, so they feel like school is being imposed on them, even at home.

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Imagine You and Your Child Loving Learning!

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Imagine this:

Every day after breakfast, your child gets their first activity for the day, sits down, and completes it — independently!

No fuss, no confusion, no tears (on their part) or pleading (on your part).

They just get right down to it.

Why? Because they’re doing things they love, can complete confidently, and are excited about. After all, they had a part in creating their own education, so they love it!

After that activity is complete, you decide on an outing. Your child packs their backpack with the next activity, you grab a book, and you’re out the door to your local coffee shop. You enjoy a nice cup of coffee and your book, while your child tackles their next activity and a cozy cup of hot chocolate. No whining. No cell phones.

Just a nice, relaxed, enjoyable time together.

You head back home for some more activities, and when the day is done, you have a family meeting after dinner. You sit together and do a recap of your day — what you did, where you went, what you learned, and what you’ll do tomorrow.

Hi, We’re Dr. Rocco Ricci and Tania Ricci. What We Described Above, We Experience Every Day.

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No Joke!

Our two daughters love learning, and we love teaching them. It’s a co-created process.One thing that lets us do this is that we have experience and education in alternative learning.

Rocco has a PhD in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, an education that he was inspired to pursue after seeing a severe underemphasis on homeschooling and informal learning in formal education. He saw parents struggle with finding meaningful educational alternatives for their children. He recognized that many parents aren’t provided with critical knowledge to help their children pursue meaningful learning opportunities. And he saw other parents who wanted to homeschool, but didn’t take the leap because they’d been misinformed and worried they needed to have expertise in every subject area or their kids would end up behind.

Tania studied in early childhood education and as a certified teacher taught in different settings for 10 years. In the school system, Tania saw how kids struggle in a cookie-cutter system designed to fit them into a box. A system that lacks creativity, curiosity, and a love of learning. Tania focuses on teaching parents how to bring joy and enthusiasm for learning — instead of leaving feeling limited and that they could have achieved more. Tania loves staying current with the latest in child development research, so she can apply it to homeschooling. 

Over the years, many friends have come to us for advice on homeschooling challenges they were facing, and we’ve been active in homeschooling support groups and have seen a lot of misinformation spread through social media. We’ve seen how little material there is teaching parents how to confidently do what they really want: to homeschool successfully so their kids love learning — AND get all the skills they need to thrive as adults.


MODERN Homeschooling: How to Cultivate Independent, Self-Directed Learners

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We’ve created a step-by-step online course where we’ll guide you on how to confidently co-create your ideal homeschooling experience for you and your child.

MODERN Homeschooling is a five week online course. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Multiple techniques for co-creating learning with your child, so they take ownership in it and develop a life-long love of learning

  • Different ways to document and build portfolios, for early and older learners, so it’s fun and easy to do (no painful, last-minute portfolio building!).

  • How to create meaningful structure, so every day has familiar routine with enough flexibility to modify and accommodate as needed

  • How to help your child document and organize their learning, which will help them acquire new skills for the rest of their life

  • How to develop the confidence and skills you need to homeschool your child successfully, so your child becomes a well-educated, successful adult.


MODERN Homeschooling has several modules, and each week, you’ll receive access to the new lessons. Each module includes video lessons that support, guide, and build your perfect homeschooling scenario for you and your child.



Here’s what you’ll learn throughout the course:

Homeschooling and unschooling philosophy — we’ll cover the foundations and dispel myths, so you can create the best learning experience possible for your children
Documenting Learning:

  • Making learning visible (for early learners), so the child, you and everyone else can SEE learning is happening – resulting in motivated and exciting learning.
  • Making learning visible (older learners), so your child can properly showcase their skills and talents to experts in their field of choice
  • Becoming a self-aware learner, so you gain the tools for you to help your child become aware of their learning – and your child becomes an independent and self-directed learner
  • What did you learn today? You and your child can answer this question with confidence and clarity by following the documenting process.
  • Different ways of documenting, so you and your child can capture all the wonderful learning while building a portfolio to see personal success.
  • Building portfolios, so learning is evident for you, your child and anyone else who is curious about your child’s education and area of interest/expertise
  • Documenting real-life experiences, so learning is meaningful, engaging and incorporating your child’s voice and choices
  • Long-term projects, so learning progression is obvious and challenges/milestones are reached.
  • Meaningful assessment/evaluation, so your child feels successful and engaged in personalized education
  • Creating digital learning portfolio, so your child has all the evidence they need when taking the next steps in highlighting their talents and skills

Meaningful Structure:

  • Creating the ideal schedule, so you and your children don’t recreate school at home — but instead have creative, meaningfully structured, joyful days!

  • Self-directed/independent learning, so your children learn the skills necessary to be lifelong, curious learners.

  • How to set up one-on-one supported learning with your child, so you and your child can complete learning goals

  • Socialization and friendships, so your children learn the social skills they’ll need to thrive as adults.

  • Modification and accommodation, so best practices don’t become a stranglehold, and you and your children are able to co-create meaningful learning and schedules together

Transitioning to post-seocondary and digital gig/passion economy

By the End of the Course, You Will Have Completed

  • A Personal Learning Road Map – an individual co-created learning journey that’s unique for you and your child, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for your child and their interest and needs
  • meaningful schedule and routine individualized for your child
  • An ideal way to visualize and document ALL the learning your child engages in

What Skills Will You Master?

In MODERN Homeschooling, you’ll learn concrete skills to create a fun, yet challenging, homeschooling environment for your child. You’ll:

  • Learn how to homeschool confidently, knowing you’re doing your best for your child and giving them a better learning experience than they could have found in any school

  • Understand how and why your child is not “falling behind,” so you can relax, enjoy the homeschooling experience, and stop feeling guilty!

  • Learn how to let your child lead their own learning, so they feel ownership in their work and activities and — most importantly — LOVE learning

  • Discover how to balance freedom and creativity while ensuring your child learns the skills they need to thrive as an adult, whether that means going to university or taking another path


  • Homeschooling can be difficult and overwhelming. Going against the grain in general can be the harder choice. Rocco and Tania have a solid foundation and a supportive structure that can help many parents navigate an, often confusing, educational path with their children. It's perfect to have two parents with deep knowledge of education - both formal and informal - meaningfully teaching other families how to homeschool.
    Dr. Carol Nash


  • "Choosing to take control of my children’s education was both exciting and daunting. Do I know enough? Am I patient enough? Am I enough? Big questions and worries that can make anyone decide to stick with the mainstream. The early years of unschooling felt manageable but as we've transitioned into the teen years Rocco has been able to provide insight and support around self-directed learning from his extensive experience and research. He has an ability to assure you to trust the process (and the kids!), to look deeper at the learning happening and to see the bigger picture. Being able to reach out to another alternative thinker has been both grounding and reaffirming."
    Kristina House

How To Join Today

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This course will take you from stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed with homeschooling to creative and inspired — so your child will be, too!

We’ll do it in only five weeks, and the investment is simple and affordable for anyone who wants to transform their homeschooling starting now.

Get Started NOW by joining our FREE Masterclass


We’ve added bonuses to ensure you get the absolute most possible from the course, so you can give your absolute best to your children. Here are the bonuses you’ll get when you join:

  • Direct access to us for one-on-one support, so you can get all your questions answered and tailor the course material to your children’s needs.

  • Personalized advice and guidance to help you identify the strategies that are best for your child’s education, so you don’t waste time or second-guess your decisions.

  • You’ll get live support calls to help you stay on track, troubleshoot any problems, and develop the mindsets and skills you need to implement effectively.

  • Ample opportunities to exchange ideas, request feedback, and ask for help.

  • You’ll even get a chance to book a personal strategy call to help you identify gaps, set goals, and determine the next steps that are right for you and your child’s individual education.

  • There’s nowhere else you can find all this expertise, training, and support in one place directly from 2 people who have been part of the education field their entire careers !

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We’re confident you’re going to love the material, as it’s based on years of research and our experience with our daughters. But if you’re not happy for any reason at all, please email us within 14 days of joining, and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most commonly asked questions. If you have any others, feel free to email us at, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


Is this a faith-based or religious course?

No, this course is not faith based, although the skills learned in it are just as applicable to faith-based as to secular homeschooling.


Does this course provide curricula?

No, this course teaches you how to co-create meaningful learning with your child, so they have ownership in what they learn and love learning as a result. Don’t worry, they’ll still learn reading, writing, math, science, and every topic they need to BUT in a more meaningful and personalized way!


How long will it take to finish this course?

This is a self-paced online course. You can take as much time as you need to complete the course. This course is designed to be completed in small chunks of time over the span of five weeks. You can go slower or faster depending on your needs.


How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you’ll have unlimited access to the course and resources across all your devices.


Does this work on Mac and PC?

Yes, this works on all computers and browsers.


What if I need help during the course?

You’ll have personalized, one-to-one support available by emailing us during your seven weeks in the course, as well as access to previous questions and answers from other students and group meetings.

We've Seen So Many Miserable Homeschooling Children and Parents.
That Doesn't Have to Be You.

What’s the point of homeschooling if learning is just as painful, boring, and cookie-cutter at home as it would be if your child were at school?

Another way is possible.

Your child can jump out of bed EXCITED to do their activities every day.

Your child can learn math, writing, science, languages — every skill they need to become a successful adult — through learning they love.Your child can look back on their schooling 20 years from now and feel grateful to you for the fun, creative, individualized learning you provided.

All it takes is learning how.

Don’t let another day go by wondering if you should homeschool — or feeling miserable while you do. Learn how to make learning fun for you and your child.

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