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About Full Access Learning

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About Full Access Learning - FuAL

In Brief:

Full Access Learning teaches and informs parents, homeschoolers and unschoolers how to help their children become life-long, self-directed and independent learners.

FUAL delivers Intelligent and Engaging Learning Experiences for parents to help their children self-direct and learn independently. We take pride in delivering enriching courses and Learning Solutions for parents who appreciate out of school education.

Our Educational Philosophy:

Full Access Learning – FuAL – is a learner centered approach to education. FuAL integrates all learning; including both digital and face-to-face. FuAL opens learning opportunities compatible for each learner.

FuAL follows five learning principles.

  • Learner-Centered

  • Democratic

  • Involves Negotiation

  • Develops and Requires Trust and Respect

  • Requires Full Access to Technology and Resources

FuAL works best within open and informal learning experiences in digital and non-digital formats.

With FuAL, Learners gain skills to recognize and monitor constantly changing learning environments while creating, experimenting, failing and shifting focus.

Within FuAL’s Adaptive Learning, relationships are cultivated while skills and expertise are developed as self-selected interactive learning opportunities continue.

FuAL operates through all learning outlets including informal , participatory and connected learning. Face-to-face, digital, synchronous and asynchronous learning is part of your Full Access Learning.

Meet Our

Project Lead

Dr. Rocco Ricci leads Full Access Learning and focuses on 21st century learning – bridging the gap between formal and informal learning. Using a concept Rocco developed called Full Access Learning (FUAL), and embedding technology, connections and accessibility as core features, Dr. Rocco Ricci creates personal and customized learning solutions. With 10 years teaching experience, Dr. Rocco Ricci is always at the forefront of learning and technology. Dr. Rocco Ricci also speaks, presents and consults in areas that include informal and formal education, digital learning, technology and education, open badges, digital learning platforms and other related topics.
Dr. Rocco Ricci
Project Lead

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