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Imagine You and Your Child Loving Learning!

Imagine this: every day after breakfast, your child gets their first activity for the day, sits down, and completes it — independently!

No fuss, no confusion, no tears (on their part) or pleading (on your part).

They just get right down to it.

Why? Because they’re doing things they love, can complete confidently, and are excited about. After all, they had a part in creating their own education, so they love it!

After that activity is complete, you decide on an outing. Your child packs their backpack with the next activity, you grab a book, and you’re out the door to your local coffee shop. You enjoy a nice cup of coffee and your book, while your child tackles their next activity and a cozy cup of hot chocolate. No whining. No cell phones.

Just a nice, relaxed, enjoyable time together.

You head back home for some more activities, and when the day is done, you have a family meeting after dinner. You sit together and do a recap of your day — what you did, where you went, what you learned, and what you’ll do tomorrow.

This isn’t an unrealistic fantasy — it’s everyday life in our family!

Hi, we’re Dr.  Rocco Ricci, Tania, Bianca and Sofia.

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What We Described Above, We Experience Everyday.

Rocco has a PhD in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, an education that he was inspired to pursue after seeing a severe underemphasis on homeschooling and informal learning in formal education. He saw parents struggle with finding meaningful educational alternatives for their children. He recognized that many parents aren’t provided with critical knowledge to help their children pursue meaningful learning opportunities. And he saw other parents who wanted to homeschool, but didn’t take the leap because they’d been misinformed, worried they needed to have expertise in every subject area or their kids would end up behind.

Tania studied in early childhood education and as a certified teacher taught in different settings for 10 years. In the school system, Tania saw how kids struggle in a cookie-cutter system designed to fit them into a box. A system that lacks creativity, curiosity, and a love of learning. Tania focuses on teaching parents how to bring joy and enthusiasm for learning — instead of leaving feeling limited and that they could have achieved more. Tania loves staying current with the latest in child development research, so she can apply it to homeschooling.

Without that, it would have been quite overwhelming! Where do you start? How do you learn calculus, physics, Shakespeare, and French? How do you ensure your child’s learning experience doesn’t turn into an at-home version of school: a dreary slog through boring exercises?

That’s why we started Full Access Learning: to help parents like you homeschool your children with confidence and enjoy meaningful learning experiences.

We experience the joy of guiding our children through their love of learning every day. We want parents like you to experience that, too.

Through our courses and other material, we help parents cultivate joyful, engaged, curious, and well-educated learners.