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Education has

Learn to help your child become
self-directed and independent
learning machines

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Parents, Stay at Home Moms, Homeschoolers, Unschoolers
This is the place to learn:

  • How to gain the confidence in yourself and your child


  • To trust your child to lead their own learning


  • To tap into your child’s motivation


  • How to help your child become self-directed and independent learners


  • Get the clarity, accountability and expert guidance for your child’s out of school learning


We help parents bridge the gap between formal and informal learning so that your child can learn through their interests and at their own pace. As you know, there are many gaps left through traditional education. Many parents today are well aware that education has moved beyond schooling and want to help their children learn and grow. 

Keeping it short… We educate and help parents gain the confidence and trust to raise and educate their children in a more natural, self-directed, and informal way.

Full access learning’s courses teach parents how to help their children take charge of their own education and lead their own learning through interest and internal motivation.

After taking our courses, parents gain the confidence and trust needed to help their children learn through their own individually personalized curriculum.

We help shed light for parents to enable their child to be a self-directed and independent learner while gaining increased skills, forming partnerships, networking, enhance learning efficiencies, while achieving specific and personal learning goals.

Are you passionate
about  Informal Learning ?

Customize Your Child’s Learning

Bridge the GAP between Formal and Informal learning

Learn how to EXPAND your child’s learning network

Help your child become Adaptable and Flexible in Life-Long Learning
Do you know how your child learn's best?

Learn what your child already knows and help them communicate and expose existing valuable knowledge.
Self-Paced Learning
Critical Learning Scope
Focused and Motivated Learning
Confident and Accountable Learning

Focused, Strategic, and Meaningful Personal Learning

Gain specific desired knowledge through a learner-centered model.

Flexible and Adaptable Learning Goals

Specific, transparent and shared learning goals and milestones.

A Learners Mindset - Trust and Respect

Open up learning in ways conducive and applicable for each individual learner. Essential for different modes of learning.

Full Access To All Learning Tools and Resources

Connect ALL learning in authentic and personally meaningful ways.
Gain and Improve learning skills, learning frameworks and overall Educational management for your child.

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